Our proposition

Developments in Africa

Golden Square Energy (‘GSE’) opened a satellite office in Cape Town in 2017 following the successful establishment of satellite offices in Dublin, Ireland and Perth, Australia. GSE has identified an opportunity to provide a long term solution to Africa’s growing energy demand, and aims to drive renewable energy investment whilst also improving energy security and reliability of supply in the continent.

The mission of GSE Africa is to provide behind the meter renewable generation to commercial and industrial energy consumers, thereby reducing the cost of electricity through replacing diesel generation, and enhancing power supply resilience.

At GSE we are actively looking to tap into Africa’s substantial renewable resources by integrating renewable generation into the energy portfolio. According to the African Development Bank, Africa had 168GW total installed capacity in 2016. Of this total, only 33GW (19.6%) was installed renewable energy capacity. This number is projected to triple by 2025. GSE intends to be a part of this growth and help drive the adoption of renewables in Africa, whilst concurrently providing significant returns for its investors.

What we do
GSE helps major industrial and manufacturing groups directly access renewable power by constructing bespoke energy generating assets which exclusively supply the site.

GSE take on the project financing, ownership, construction and operation of the project. GSE’s renewable energy solutions protect its clients from price fluctuation by providing the off-taker with a long term fixed price power supply through a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). GSE can also deliver Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) contracts to build out the solar and wind projects.

How this benefits the customer
Embedded generation with this “behind the meter” structure can reduce:
- Corporations’ energy costs
- Exposure to price volatility
- Reliance on the power grid availability
- Corporations’ carbon footprints and CSR obligations

Why should investors be interested?
- African nations are looking to rapidly integrate renewable energy into their energy portfolio
- Electricity reliability issues are driving rapid government-backed growth within the African renewables sector
- There is already a validated business case for renewable energy in Africa
- GSE are an experienced team with a history of success
- GSE consistently delivers competitive returns
- RE investment in Africa is an environmentally and socially responsible investment

Integrated Development
Our process is fully integrated, managing everything from feasibility studies and site identification, through to financing, construction and operations – providing a single point of contact and accountability during all phases of a project’s lifecycle.